Player Placement

    Players are not guaranteed assignment to specific teams or age groups. Placement of players is not up for discussion for any reason.     
    Team Placement   
    There are A level teams at all age groups and B level teams at most age groups when registration numbers allow. All players will be evaluated and assigned to teams by coaches during the first few weeks of practice. Football is a competitive travel program so there are no guarantees that siblings, relatives, or friends will be placed on the same team or at the same skill level. Each child is evaluated based on their own abilities and will be placed accordingly.The teams will be separated based on age, weight, athletic ability, aggressiveness, experience, and position availability. The A and B teams play in different divisions against different levels of competition.   All rosters are decided yearly and may be changed from season to season due to player development, transferred players, and new signees. Just because a player played at one skill level one season does not guarantee he will be with that same skill level team the following season. There is no choosing to play at a lower skill level for any reason. The Head Coach of the A team gets his choice of the players he would like to keep and he will decide which players are moved to the B team. If there is a third team at an age group, the players cut by the A team will be divided equally between the two B teams as long as both teams are placed in the same division. If all three teams are placed in different division levels, then the third team will be considered a C team and will get the players cut by the B team. There is no guarantee of a B team at all age groups.  
    Depending on registration totals we may have to move players up an age group. We do this only if we have too many or not enough players at an age group. We will do this based off age and which grade the player is going into first . If this occurs the player will be assigned to that age the next season also, unless approved by the program commissioner to move back to the league age group.
    You will be contacted by the A Team Head Coach at your son’s league age group to inform you of the time and location of his first practice. 


    Jersey Numbers

    Jersey numbers will only be held for the first two registrations.  This means a returnee could need to pick a new number. Only one number will be assigned per age group regardless of A or B team status. Sign up as early as possible to secure your jersey number if that is important to you.
    Registration Information 2017

    Registration will be located at Perry Hall Elementary School 9021 Belair Rd, in the recreation room adjacent to the parking lot.

    Registration Dates:

    Cash Only for remaining registrations.

    Sunday July 16th 4:00-5:30 pm

    Age group openings:

    6U-   02 Openings
    7U-   09 Openings
    8U-   08 Openings                                  
    9U-   Closed
    10U- 07 Openings
    11U- 08 Openings
    12U- Email for openings (
    14U- Closed- No High School Students

    All openings 1st come 1st serve.

     Cost will be $200 per player and will include a game jersey and integrated pad game pants that you keep.

    Jerseys will be of the same type for 2 consecutive years, 2017 & 2018. Game pants will remain the same type from year to year. Jerseys and pants may be reused from year to year as long as there is no change in style.

     Player and Parent must be present to register for weigh in and jersey sizing.

    Age Determination is August 1st.

    The following age groups are available:
    6U Clinic ( min age of 5 )
    7U Clinic
    8U 1st year with referees and on full field
    14U No High School Students.

    6U-8U will have tackle to tackle weight restrictions.  9U, 10U, 11U,12U & 14U will be unlimited weight.
    New Players must present a birth certificate, passport, or MD State ID to veryify age. This will occur on roster day at a later date after Aug 1st.

    Players at 14U must provide their 7th grade final report card or 8th grade school schedule at roster day. This is required to prove that they are in 8th grade. League rules prohibit high school students from playing.
     Official Practice will begin Monday July 31st. 
    2016 11U UCYFL National Division Champions / All Pro State Champions

    2016 09U UCYFL Federal Division Runner Up

    2016 12U UCYFL National Division Champions / All Pro State Champions

    Skills & Drills Workouts

    Open to all Perry Hall Football players free of charge. Registration also available during these times.

    Sunday July 16th 4:00-5:30 pm 

    Work outs located at Perry Hall Elementary football field.  
    Gator Club Bull Roast

    5th Annual Gator Club Shrimp/ Bull Roast will be held Friday August 18th from 7-11 pm.

    UAW Hall
    1010 Oldham St 
    Canton, MD 21224

    Tickets: $40 each
    Table:    $360 for a table of 10

    Money is due August 14th.  

    Tickets available at registration.

    For more information or tickets contact:

    Emily Hines:
    Jen Brotzman:

    Funds raised are distributed to each team to assist with team activities or equipment.
    Teams must sell at least one table to recieve funding.
    2016 14U UCYFL Federal Division Champions

    2016 12U UCYFL Federal Division Champions

    2016 10U UCYFL National Division Champions

    2016 10U UCYFL Federal Division Runner Up

    2016 10U-B.JPG
    Equipment Pick Up Dates

    Pick Up will be at the Tower next to the football field @ Perry Hall Elementary School.

    Registration also available.

    Sunday July 16th 6:00-8:00 pm

    Players must be present for correct sizing.  
    A $200 deposit check is required . Check is only cashed if equipment is not returned.  The check must be postdated 12-01-2017.

    Equipment will not be issued without a check. 
      You must supply your own practice jersey, practice pants, mouth
    piece (attached & solid colored), chin strap, protective cup/athletic
    supporter, girdle (if needed), and cleats. We sell some of these items.
    About Us

    Welcome to the official site of Perry Hall Recreation Football

    Perry Hall Football provides football recreation to over 300 youth players every year, ranging in age from 5-14 years old. We are now a member of Upper Cheasapeake youth football league. We are a travel program and play our home games on the football field located behind Perry Hall Elementary School, 9021 Belair Rd. The football program is an all volunteer,non-profit, program dependent on volunteers ranging from coaches, team moms, and concession stand operators. Please contact us if you are interested in donating or volunteering to the program.